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Ways of Stopping Telemarketers from Bugging You

Robocalls and telemarketing calls can be annoying, especially when have to answer the phone when you are in the middle of something. Not only do they ignore your privacy laws, but waste a lot of your time. So, if you are frequently receiving robocalls and the caller does not have your permission, there are many ways to stop them for good. The following is a guide to how to stop telemarketing calls from bugging you.

The first thing you ought to do is to have your number on The National Do Not Call List. This was created by The Federal Trade Commission to stop telemarketers from trying to sell things to individuals who do not want to hear their sales pitches. There are over 60 million people who have listed their phone numbers on the Do Not Call List since it was created. As soon as you list your phone number on the Do Not Call Registry, companies must take off your phone number from their calling lists within 31 days. If they do not adhere to this, they are subject to penalties you for bugging you with calls.

Blocking their numbers is another way of stopping robocals for good. Although blocking numbers was something that was offered by telephone service providers before, today it is hardly offered by phone services providers. Be sure to look through the white pages, or let your mobile phone service provider know what you are going through so that they can find ways of helping you.If they can, go ahead and block the telemarketing calls that are aggravating you to get them to stop.

If you are receiving robocalls on your mobile phone, you should know that this is illegal. These calls are illegal because you are the one being charged for receiving an incoming call. Thus if you receive such calls, you should inform them that they are calling a mobile phone number and they should, therefore, stop calling. The next step will be to complain to your mobile operator in instances where this number showed in your phone caller ID.

After you join the national do not call list and telemarketers continue harassing you, do not worry since there is another way of remedying this.Although you may not get anywhere with it, it is worth trying. It is good to note that some sites blacklist such problematic numbers.These can stop robocalls and telemarketing calls from calling you. Such sites create so much publicity such that companies may be forced to change their calling practices to protect their reputation. I am sure you now know how to stop robocalls for good.

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